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As a Transformation Coach, Gideon equips individuals who are successful in BAU to become equally successful in transformation.  Drawing on his unique talents and experiences, he brokers commitment and maximises contribution from the people in the organisation who are most critical to the success of transformation.

An experienced and talented leader of large teams and change, Gideon guides groups to successfully deliver major programs.

Specialising in retail sales and service channels, Gideon draws upon experience gained driving change in senior and executive roles at large Australian retail organisations including; ANZ, NAB, and Medibank.

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Getting emotional traction with customers in a competitive market is hard.  How your people behave in front of customers is often the difference between creating an advocate or a detractor for your brand.
Businesses that fail to properly design and embed these behaviours will be those failing to unleash the potential of their frontline to build their brand.
Like a car driving through snow without snow chains, these organisations will be making lots of noise, but with little forward movement. 

A strategy that's not understood by, and believed by your people will fail. And, ultimately its success will depend on how relevant the problem it solves for is, plus how clever it is.  

Gideon draws upon his skills as an analogical thinker to help develop and test strategies that cut through and create a vacuum for change to occur.

Business transformation thinking,

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